Professional Foundation Repair in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Claremont

The foundation of your building is, without a doubt, the most important part. Without a sturdy foundation, your home or business can be subject to catastrophic damage. While the causes of foundation damage or risk differ widely, our specialists at Professional Foundation Repair are equipped to respond to each of your foundation repair concerns in a timely, professional, and efficient manner.

If you see cracking within your foundation or suspect a foundation problem, time is of the essence. The foundation of a building is what holds the rest together. When problems start to arise, it can have a domino effect on other structural assets of the building. Call Professional Foundation Repair immediately to have a technician evaluate your building’s needs and start on repairs before further damage is done.

Slab Foundation

A slab foundation is when the building rests on a large slab of concrete. There is no crawl space underneath this concrete. There are several courses of action if there is a need to repair the slab foundation: 

  • Footings. Our team will create footings to the slab by digging trenches on the outer perimeter, then pouring more concrete.
  • Rebar. Adds more strength and prevents the slab from any cracking.
  • Gravel. We spread gravel across the slab to help it reduce moisture.
  • Concrete. Once one of the above is done, a new layer of concrete is poured, then leveled off. This creates a new slab foundation.

Raised Foundation

A raised foundation differs from a slab foundation because there is a minimum of 16 inches of crawl space. Accordingly, the ways to fix the foundation are inherently different. 

  • Pier and Post System. We evenly distribute the weight of the property by creating a pier base of concrete, then positioning posts evenly between the new pier and the foundation.
  • Footing. In efforts to prevent a house or building from settling, our team digs a trench, installs a rebar, and pours concrete to form the footing.
  • Stem Wall. We build a wall around the foundation of the house to prevent it from moving.
  • Floor Joists. Floor Joists are smaller beams that give the floor support. In a foundation, they are wood beams that align the top of the foundation along with the girder beams.
  • Sister Wall. Sister Walls provide support when a full replacement isn’t necessary. A second wall is built right next to the foundation, then we secure the two with rebars.
  • Cracks. When a foundation lacks the proper support, cracks ranging in width from hairline to complete separation can form in a foundation. We repair these cracks with epoxy and Simpson A35 metals.

Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is especially important as a preventative measure in the Southern California region. Our team will secure your home with metal attachments, which gives your foundation extra strength in the case of seismic activity. 

  • Post Caps and T Straps. These caps and straps are used to secure the Pier and Post system. These metals are important; without them, it’s common that the floor can start to sag.
  • URFP-10’s. This updated technology is used to secure the foundational footings to the mudsills. These are commonly used to replace older technology that has worn off by other seismic activity.
  • Cripple Wall Bracing. Another protective measure against house collapse in the event of an earthquake, this form of bracing utilizes plywood sheathing with ventilation holes. This is our course of acting if the building appears to “pinch” or buckle towards the bottom part of the property.
  • Earthquake Bracing and Bolting Program. Finally, we are FEMA certified under the EBB program and can discuss what this entails with you. We will upload the proper documents and photos they require.

    Hydraulic Push Piers

    When portions of the slab are sinking on the exterior of the property, we use a hydraulic push pier system. We start by digging down four feet to get underneath the footings, then using the hydraulic push pier system we install concrete cylinders until they reach the bedrock.

      Real Estate Inspections

      We are also proud to offer home inspections if you’re searching for a new house. It can be hard for the untrained eye to identify potential problems with a home’s foundation. Our experts will survey the house for you and make a confident diagnosis about any problem it has – or lack thereof. That way, you can make a sound buying decision without worrying about the foundation of your new home.

      Structural And Civil Engineering

      Finally, we offer structural engineering for residential additions and remodels, apartment retrofit, foundation repair, and bolt & brace, and civil engineering for low impact development, grading & drainage, and retaining walls. 

      Additionally, we are proud to specialize in garages and their structural elements. We can also make diagnoses and repair the structure of driveways, which can easily become damaged with tree roots growing underneath them. We use most of the same practices we use on homes and buildings for garages.

      Carbon Fiber

      No one wants to worry about problems with their foundation, let alone cracks.
      Cracks can develop over time from various environmental impacts such as settlement, poor soil conditions or the reinforcing steel being too close to the concrete surface. Once a crack develops, moisture is able to get to the reinforcing steel and corrosion begins. As these conditions worsen, the corrosion progresses around the affected areas, compromising the structural integrity of the foundation.

      Since there are a variety of foundation types in California, cracks can form in various ways and call for specialized repair solutions. The experts at Professional Foundation Repair are experienced at determining an effective repair solution using the most advanced repair materials available. If your foundation is experiencing structural cracks, they often call for Carbon Fiber Repair.

      Call Professional Foundation Repair Today 

      Again, it is highly advised to immediately call a foundation repair expert if you suspect that your foundation has ensued any type of damage. Otherwise, the effects can irreversibly impact the structure of your home. To get started with Professional Foundation Repair today, call us at 800-926-0058

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      For your inquiries, you may call our business office or drop by at your most convenient time so we can better explain further what we can do for you. You may also email us, and we will make it a point to give you a reply within the day.


      Our main objectives as a foundation repair company is to fully satisfy the needs of our clients and build lasting professional relationships with them at the same time. We understand that the only way for us to achieve these feats is to commit to doing everything excellently and within the required safety standards. To ensure this, we make it a habit to train our foundation technicians upon hiring as to the safety standards required in the region and how best to serve our clients.

      Checking the qualifications of our foundation specialists is also a priority in the organization. We want to give the best and most experienced repairers to our clients as our way of keeping our promise to be excellent in every way we do our business. We do an intensive background check of all our technicians, so clients are assured that they are in good hands.

      Our team is made up of individuals who are friendly, accommodating, hardworking, and respectful. They are trained to listen to what the clients want and to properly communicate what needs to be done to get the job done. Open communication is practiced. We encourage clients to be involved by giving us feedback during the process.

      At Professional Foundation Repair, we have your best interests in mind. We work diligently to meet your expectations. As professional repairers, we exercise transparency and accountability. We believe in the value of an honest day’s work and the importance of trust in a working relationship.

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