Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

No one wants to worry about problems with their foundation, let alone cracks.
Cracks can develop over time from various environmental impacts such as settlement, poor soil conditions or the reinforcing steel being too close to the concrete surface. Once a crack develops, moisture is able to get to the reinforcing steel and corrosion begins. As these conditions worsen, the corrosion progresses around the affected areas, compromising the structural integrity of the foundation.

Since there are variety of foundation types in California, cracks can form in various ways and call for specialized repair solutions. The experts at Professional Foundation Repair are experienced at determining an effective repair solution using the most advanced repair materials available. If your foundation is experiencing structural cracks, they often call for Carbon Fiber Repair.

Carbon Fiber is comprised of thousands of high-strength woven unbreakable strands that are 10 times stronger than steel and do not stretch. The carbon strands woven together, each thinner than human hair, are saturated in a structural epoxy resin that forms a composite strengthening system known as CFRP, or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

From strengthening of concrete infrastructures such as bridges, parking garages, and sports stadiums to the construction of advanced spacecraft and military equipment, Carbon Fiber has been relied upon for its incredible strength under the most extreme conditions. You can feel confident Carbon Fiber will permanently reinforce your home’s Foundation, giving you peace of mind that it will be stronger than it was ever before.

How does it Work?

Carbon Fiber can be used to reinforce cracked and damaged foundation walls by effectively restoring strength and stability. When Carbon Fiber is used for structural foundation repair and crack reinforcement, it is bonded with an epoxy resin over the damaged areas. This encapsulation provides over 35,000lbs of confinement strength, giving you peace of mind that the cracks will not reopen. Another added benefit is that it creates a waterproof barrier preventing moisture from re-entering the area.

Since carbon fiber repairs are dependent on the bond strength to concrete it is crucial that the pores of the concrete are opened up to insure the proper surface bond, and any paint or surface coating is removed prior to the installation. At Professional Foundation Repair, we take the necessary precautions to ensure that none of those particles are released in the surface preparation process.

With such a low aesthetic impact, being less than 1/8” of an inch thick, the carbon fiber can easily be painted or coated to blend in with the homes existing structure.
Backed by Structural Reinforcement Solutions 25 year manufactures warranty, Professional Foundation Repair can save your homes foundations using only highest quality American made carbon fiber strengthening systems.

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