Raised Foundation Repairs
Raised Foundation

A raised foundation means there is a crawl space measuring minimum 16in per LABDS code allowing for adequate space underneath the property.

Pier and Post system

Pier and Post systems provide the house with support throughout the entire foundation evenly distributing the weight. The Pier is the base, which is made of concrete. The Post is a 4 x 4 piece of plywood that rests directly on top of the Pier.

The footings are the base of which the foundation rests. In order to prevent the house from settling a trench is dug, then rebar is installed, and concrete is poured forming the footing.
Stem Wall

The Stem Wall is used to uphold the structure’s integrity by securing the foundation down. The wall is built around the foundation helping to keep the home from moving.

Floor Joist
Floor Joists are smaller beams that give the floor support. In a foundation, they are wood beams that align the top of the foundation along with the girder beams.
Sister Wall
Sister walls are used as secondary support for the current foundation in cases where a full replacement is not necessary. The sister wall is built right next to the foundation then attached with rebar to secure them together.
Cracks can appear in the foundation due to improper support. The cracks can range from hairline to complete separation. In most cases, the cracks can be repaired by adding epoxy and Simpson A35 metals to secure them from spreading.



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